Morag graduated in Painting BA from the University of Brighton in 2019. She was born in London but grew up in Brighton, while spending time in both cities.

Alongside a natural inclination to draw and paint portraits, her routine travelling by train and public transport through city scenes built an interest in different worlds from an early age. Her practice has been influenced by the atmosphere of this travel, the presence of unassuming, neutral faced strangers, and patterns in group behaviour. The familiar distant expression worn by a stranger, for example, illustrates a universality that hints back at before behaviour, culture or concepts of what we are, from the perspective of living in the complicated present. This interestedness in time and existence sets the mood in the work.

Morag has exhibited in London, Brighton, Glyndebourne, Bath (UK), and Tirana (AL). Morag painted celebrity Maître

D'hôtel Fred Sirieix and Booker Prize winner Bernadine Evaristo as a semi-finalist in the latest series of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, she has been selected for the 2020 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, and is currently exhibiting online in group show Fresh Perspectives online with London Paint Club.

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