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Limited Giclee print on A1 Minuet 300gsm, signed and numbered, edition of 10


In my work I'm often driven by my desire to explain myself, there have been times I've wanted to speak but haven't been able to say a word, like a hand is squeezing not even around my neck but lower down around my heart. Painting, and portraits, lets me take all the time I need to say everything I want to without missing out one word.

This self portrait was created in a moment of low energy, while feeling bitter, fed up and overwhelmed. Usually I hold back from including anything that could be perceived as explicit or offensive in my work however in this piece I wanted to paint how I wanted to, and my state of mind allowed me to go through those barriers I usually set for myself. I wanted the joy of painting skin in long brush strokes and vivid colours, so I took my trousers off and put my feet on the chair to get my legs in the composition.

Hard To Say (Self-Portrait) Giclee Print A1